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Execution the discipline of getting things done pdf

execution the discipline of getting things done pdf

Consider XYZ., which produces components for airplane manufacturers.
But no matter how successful a person has been so far, every promotion is a new decision.
The retention risk analysis looks at a persons marketability, potential for mobility and risk to the company if they leave.
And it fills the leadership pipeline thats the basis of a strong succession plan.The Continuous Improvement Summary helps the individual become a better performer.Building Block 2: Creating the Framework for Cultural Change This involves changing peoples behavior so that they produce results, by linking rewards to performance and making linkages transparent and having robust dialogue as ultimately leaders get the behavior they exhibit and tolerate.In many organizations, to create the discipline of execution, changes in behavior are needed at even the highest levels.Theres one thing that wakes you up in the deep of night after you make these selections.The primary purpose of the book is to give the reader an understanding of what it takes to execute, that is, to get things done in organisations.What the CEO wants You to Know and, boards that Work.We have seen many people who led business units well who did not have the capability to take the business to the next level.It has to be linked to strategy and operations.Succession depth analysis determines whether the company has enough high-potential people to fill key positions.

Who wants to tell good people they arent capable of moving to the next level?
Part I: Why Execution is Needed.
If a company has the right people, in all likelihood its strategies will be in sync with the realities of the marketplace, the economy and the competition.
How much lead time will it take to train engineers for the new mission of solution designs, and who will be accountable?Above all, candid dialogue is critical.The Leadership Assessment Summary gives an overview of those in the group who have high potential and those who are promotable.Sometimes it means replacing an excellent performer with a person who is better equipped to take the business to the next level.Act on Lead Measures, in pursuing goals, McChesney makes a crucial distinction between lag and lead measures.Youve all discussed someone carefully, listened to all viewpoints and reached a conclusion you all feel good about.Secretary of state, did this when he was CEO of Exxon Mobil.The strategy can be all right by itself, but the company may have no hope of executing.